Thursday 19 April, 2018

The production of prefabricated concrete is one of the most important investments of Al Omair Group, with an investments are estimated at more than three hundred million Saudi riyals.
Al Majmaa   Mix Concrete Factory considered being the first start-up that has maintained its quality and international standards since its inception until present day in the central region of the Kingdom.
The company has many factories and mixing plants in fifteen locations in different regions of Saudi Arabia.
Al Omair is committed to its customers at the top of its priorities, confirming that its projects completed to the highest international standards. Introduction the best solutions to meet the demand in the market in Saudi Arabia.
Al Omair Concrete Products Company offers the best concrete mix to the highest standards, specifications and international practices under the supervision of an integrated team of experts and professionals.
Development and production of quick concrete, factory operation, customer service, quality control and technical support to ensure delivery of the best services and products of high quality and efficiency.